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The Sales & Marketing Academy offers courses that directly address these gaps and provide students with invaluable knowledge gained by true, successful entrepreneurs, influencers and leaders of business. Let’s get started!


Online& Offline Learning Options

The Sales & Marketing Academy offers business professionals strategic, practical and innovative courses that can help open up new avenues of career success.

Opportunities To Network

We will offer networking opportunities both locally in Atlanta and online. These networking events will allow students to meet with their instructors, students as well as other business professionals.

Verify Training for Employment

Add your our class credentials to your resume, and we' verify your training with employers, plus provide a reference from your instructor.

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About Us

What Makes The Sales & Marketing Academy Training Different?

With a team of some of the country’s most noted professionals, The Sales & Marketing Academy courses are designed, implemented and instructed by those who know business best. With an infrastructure built on providing practical, real-life business skills that are useable upon learning, TSAMA students learn from several industries’ best leaders. Courses share valuable, “insider” tips as well as the latest trending technologies.

6-Student Profiles We Serve at The Sales & Marketing Academy
  1. Person entering the work force, wants to add new skills to get a new job or get a raise at work
  2. Business owner, great at providing service, now need to find a way to sell the services
  3. Business owner, started a new business, now needs a way to market the business
  4. Marketing Professional, looking to learn modern new skills and techniques
  5. Small business owner, looking to train their sales team to increase sales and productivity
  6. Sales rep, looking to up-level sales skills to maximize earning potential

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your situation in detail, please give us a call 678-967-0551.

Professional Certification and
Badge of Completion

Demonstrate your advanced marketing training by adding your TSAMA certification to your public profiles and resume. You will be licensed to use the TSAMA designation after your name, and you will receive a certificate of completion and badge of certification to display.

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