Public Relations for Small Business

This course offers a deep dive into the process of connecting with media professionals In order to connect and get the media coverage your brand deserves.

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How to get media attention for your business or personal brand

Course Requirements

(expectations of students)

  • notebook or tablet for copious notes
  • iphone or android
  • basic facebook business page or personal page
  • basic instagram page set up
  • actionable tasks & q& a required to be completed in full to move to each course Section
  • good internet connection

Course Description

This course offers a deep dive into the process of connecting with media professionals In order to connect and get the media coverage your brand deserves. In this course We’ll give you the blueprint to help you start pitching media outlets and define the Systematic process it takes to get media coverage for your business. We will give you The step by step process from targeting media outlets to following up with reporters. You’ll learn the key techniques that produce results when it comes to creating and Obtaining media coverage in a cost conscious manner. Learn practical steps from an Industry insider with nearly three decades of experience.

Why you will want to take this course

We will address the challenges of connecting with media professionals and help you Understand what they’ll need to see in order to get excited about your media pitch. We Will also show you how to create ready for air news stories (electronic press kits) that Heighten the ability to get your brand in front of major media outlet audiences. Also we Show you how to create the right pitch that catches the eye of working journalists and
Engages them.

  • having difficulty getting media attention or connecting with journalists that cover your Industry.
  • would media coverage be a game changer for your personal brand or business?
  • what compelling backstory sets your business apart from the competition and how do You make that connection with the audience?

What will you learn

We’ll teach you how to create a media pitch strategy that helps you land results and Third party media validation that will set your brand or business apart from your Competition. How to formulate your pitch to make an impact. And the elements your Brand needs in place to help you qualify and quantify your pitch.

  • creating a pitch that garners media attention.
  • identifying journalists that would be likely to cover your story.
  • the difference between paid media and earned media.
  • how to make paid media work to your advantage. (will add this module)
  • how to systematically achieve media attention.
  • how to identify compelling storylines that engage journalists.
  • how to prepare for your media appearance and what to do to get ready.
  • finding the media outlets that are likely to cater to the audience you’d like to reach.
  • the best of time to reach out to television reporters and the key personnel to contact.
  • where to find journalists to network with them and create relationships.

Who is this course for

This course is perfect for small business owners, start-ups, personal brands, church Groups and organizations, non-profit organizations and professionals who want more Visibility for their brands. Each element of the course teaches practical solutions to Obtaining media coverage that you can implement almost immediately. Click sign up Today to get your business or brand the coverage you deserve.


Course Curriculum

Total learning: 35 lessons


CEO and Founder of Mark Hayes Consulting, LLC

Mark Hayes has spent nearly three decades bringing news viewers in major cities across the country their news and information of the day. Some of his stops include Dallas, Denver, Detroit and Baltimore. However, his proudest accomplishments came during his tenure in the great city of Atlanta, GA. For more than a decade, Mark was a staple of early morning television on Good Day Atlanta. He believes his most noteworthy achievement, was the nearly 20 hours he spent on air during the Fulton County Courthouse shootings and the subsequent capture of Brian Nichols.

After 2 Emmy nominations and highly coveted National recognition for spot news coverage from the National Press Photographers Association, Mark is now currently the President and CEO of his own media training and strategy company. Mark Hayes Consulting, LLC was founded in 2010. The goal is to help everyone from CEO's to small business owners make the most of their opportunity for media exposure. He has been a passionate supporter of Boys and Girls Clubs in every city he has been a part of. He has also been a fervent supporter of Drug Abuse, recovery & prevention efforts with different organizations. He was one of the earliest supporters and assisted Simply Grace House in Dallas, TX as they began their efforts to help recovering addicts of drug and alcohol addiction.

Mark and his college sweetheart, Latonya, have been together since they met in 1988 at Howard University. Mark and his wife are members of the classes of 1989 and 1990 respectively. They've been married for 25 years and have two children, Malcolm and Kenny. He is also a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. and loves to travel the world over. His favorite stop to date has been the most amazing week his family spent on the beautiful island of Kauai, which they described as "paradise on earth."
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