Growing a Business Through Networking

Students of this course are expected to come to it with an open mind and willingness to learn. Expectations are that ALL students will complete and turn in course work on time.

Course Requirements

Students of this course are expected to come to it with an open mind and willingness to learn. Expectations are that ALL students will complete and turn in course work on time. Course work will include: some light written assignments as well as, attendance to one of each type of networking events (civic, closed and open).

Course Description

To Maximize Your Return On Investment, You Need All The Pieces Of The Puzzle
If you have a dream of having a highly successful business yet you don’t have the financial capital to spend millions or even thousands of dollars on advertising to help you see your dream become a reality, then it is time to network! But to network effectively, you need to first solve the puzzle of building a solid referral marketing campaign.

In my course I will instruct you on the steps it takes to solve the networking puzzle. We also discuss the pitfalls to avoid so that you network productively using less money, time and energy.

Why You Will Want To Take This Course

I have learned the truth about how to connect with people, befriend them, uplift them and help them achieve their goals so that they are inspired to help you achieve yours. I can teach you a simplifiedstrategy for networking effectively.

I can show you how to create referral systems in any business. In addition, how you can use your referrals to not just to increase sales, but to build long term, meaningful relationships that multiply your referrals through even the leanest of business times.

We will address questions like:

  • Is Networking Really Effective?
  • With So Many Networking Choices, How Do I Know What Is The Best?
  • What Do I Say If I Only Have 15 Seconds?
  • What Do I Say If I Have 30-60 Seconds?
  • How Can I Encourage Team Members To Involve Themselves In Networking?
  • Can’t I Just Reach Out By Email?
  • Does The Pareto Rule Actually Exist?
  • How Do I Find Referrals For Others?

What You Will Learn

In my course you will learn the foundation pieces of the networking puzzle and how they all “fit together” to establish a professional relationship. Whether you are just trying to get your professional career off the ground, are a business owner trying to inspire your team to be more “customer friendly” or an executive seeking to build up your contacts in business, this course can help you at any level.

You will also learn what it takes to give a memorable presentation that drives a Call To Action. You will find out how to overcome self-doubt and speak in a persona of confidence and trust.

  • Cost Effective Marketing
  • Maximizing The Benefits of Your Networking Activity
  • Giving A Memorable Presentation
  • Growing Your Network
  • Developing Deeper Relationships That Lead To Consistent Referrals
  • Establishing An Action Plan That Assures Your Networking Goals Become A Reality

Who This Course Is For

  • Business Professionals Who Want To Network Better
  • Business Owners and Managers Seeking To Inspire More Meaningful Relationships
  • Sales Professionals Seeking To Connect More Effectively
  • Executives Who Wish To Use Networking To Increase Their Opportunities
  • College Graduates Entering The Workplace For The First Time
  • Solo Entrepreneurs Seeking To Grow Their Business With Limited Capital
  • People Who Purchase Franchises

Course Curriculum

Total learning: 21 lessons


He is married to his Honey Bunny, Brenda and they have 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law and 3 grandsons. Theycurrently ownICN Publications, Training of Champions and Barber Family Music. He is a motivational speaker and best-selling author. He loves people and is passionate about helping business owners.Through motivational and keynote speeches, training, consulting, coaching and writing books,he desires to make a lasting impression on the lives of those with whom he is privileged to work.

He and his family released their first gospel music album in April 2018.

Served in the Navy on the USS Georgia

Served as a BNI director and area director for approximately 10 years

Gwinnett Chamber Ambassador 11+ years

Won the Small Business of the month from the Gwinnett Chamber twice.

His best-selling book, the Networking Guru, Traits of Champion Networkers was published in January 2015.

The Next Levelwas published in January 2017.

He is working on the third book, Dominating Your Market.

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