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Sales Training by REAL Sales Leaders

A strong Sales team is one of the most crucial elements for any company’s success. However, over the years, solid sales training has greatly fallen short in the traditional education environment. The Sales & Marketing Academy (TSAMA) was created to provide “real world” training by successful business leaders who understand the complexities of the sales cycle.

What Makes TSAMA Sales Training Different

The Sales & Marketing Academy is an online training resource that focuses on business sales skills often overlooked by traditional college courses. The TSAMA Board of Directors and Instructors who lead our academy are all current leaders in business, consultants and speakers who retain years of successful experience in sales. Our academic team has been where our students are and know intimately what it takes to take a sale from discovery to close. and most importantly, how to build lasting relationships that keep customers coming back.

At The Sales & Marketing Academy, our instructors take a personal interest in seeing each and every student to not just embrace their sales acumen but, build confidence in that they CAN CLOSE the deal! TSAMA instructors go beyond the found national skills of college, to teach the sales skills only attainable through years of being in the field.

Sales Training That Focuses On “Real World” Skills

Through The Sales & Marketing Academy, you will learn how to build a successful business development strategy that is strong, creative and most of all…profitable. Our TSAMA instructors will help you absorb the key skills needed for business development.

Sales Training includes:

  • What makes up Sales
  • Working within the Sales Funnel
  • Trade Secrets of Sales
  • Building great Sales-Customer Relationships
  • The nuisances of Sales Communication
  • Working as a team to complete the Sales Cycle
  • Successfully using Sales Negotiation & Persuasion Skills
  • Digging for Gold via Sales Data Mining
  • Elements of the Four Sales Type:
    • Transaction Selling
    • Feature Selling
    • Value Selling
    • Consultative Selling

Who Benefits From TSAMA Sales Training?

New Business Owners seeking to build a dynamic sales team
Entrepreneurs who wish to enhance their sales closing techniques
Company Owners who wish to groom a sales manager for their team
College Students seeking to supplement their traditional academic sales skillset

Get Your Sales Training Now

The Sales & Marketing Academy Sales Training is a very unique offering and in high demand; Courses fill up fast. If you are interested in becoming a student or sponsoring training for a company team member, please Sign Up Now.Got questions? Please Contact Us or Call at (678) 967-0551.

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